About the Writer

To begin, If you are looking for a Blog that is free of grammatical error and written in perfect punctuation, This is probably not the place for you. As the name says, I’m just a young country preacher trying to do a work for my Lord.

If you haven’t met me yet the name is Alex Amos. I’m far from perfect but striving to be the man God has called me to be. I’ve lived on the same old hill all my life. Three different houses, but the same old hill.

I attend Apostolic Gospel Church in Kingsport, Tennessee where my uncle, Pastor Greg Street, is my Pastor.

I have been Blessed with a wonderful family including a mother who has raised me into the man you see today.

For awhile now it has been on my heart that I need to do more for God and reach out to not only witness to the lost in this world but to be an encouragement to those around me. For if there is anything we need in this hour we are living in, it’s to be encouraged through the Word of God.

I pray that through this Blog as I pour out my heart through my studies, lessons I’ve learned, and my own life experiences, God will speak to your heart and that if in some small way, my words can be an encouragement to you to help you on this road called life.

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